Robinson Anderson Publishing


- A signed Author/Publisher contractual agreement and initial deposit is required to be considered an official Robinson Anderson Publishing author.

- After contracting services with Robinson Anderson Publishing, a draft of the manuscript must be submitted within 7 days of the signed contractual agreement.

- If previous work has already been performed such as editing, formatting, graphic design, etc. prior to contracting services with us from another provider, a review fee of $250 will be assessed. This is to ensure that the prior worked performed meets Robinson Anderson Publishing standards. If additional work is required once the review process is completed, additional fees will be assessed based on what work is necessary to complete the publishing process in adherence to our standards.

- All Robinson Anderson Publishing authors are required to utilize our designated barcodes and ISBN's. If an author wishes to use their own personal ISBN or barcode, an additional fee of $75 will be assessed.

There are no refunds to include partial or full at any time during this publishing process. All deposits, payments and financial transactions are final and Robinson Anderson Publishing will not be held liable or responsible for repayment.