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Mythbusters:  Lessons from Active Black Fathers dispels the notion that black fathers are not involved in their children’s lives. This book looks to inspire and motivate a new generation of fathers to own their roles as their children’s first source of motivation and encouragement.  Mythbusters:  Lessons from Active Black Fathers will help them to shape the next generation of accomplished young black men and women by emphasizing the traits and characteristics that are essential to rearing well-rounded black women and men.

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Marvin A. Banks Jr.
Latoya Baldwin
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In today's job market, people invest much of their time and effort in finding and securing the right professions. It's vitally important, as our work affects us deeply in our personal and professional lives. Our career choices impact us so greatly that it's necessary for us to look closely at how we choose our careers and our employers - by making wise decisions to improve our ability for securing lifelong employment that we are passionate about.

Written precisely for that purpose, this book helps you to:
•Discover the right role for YOU!
•Use efficient job search techniques to save time
•Create amazing first impressions that they'll remember
•Win over the interviewer with clarity and confidence
•Understand interview scoring, ratings and rankings and how to master them
•Negotiate the salary you WANT and DESERVE!

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The Douglas’ were a conservative Black family, “boujee” in every sense of the word. They enjoyed a prominent lifestyle in a world where most blacks were not as fortunate. Carletta was a beautiful stunning young girl and the apple of her father’s eye. Her future was destined for greatness and her mother would make sure of that, by any means necessary. Carletta had plans of her own, when she met Malcolm Thomas. When things got out of hand and Carletta got “in trouble”, her mother set into play a plan that would forever change their lives……in a most unexpected way. Oh what a wicked web we weave, when we practice to deceive.

coming August 2, 2021

L.L. Brown