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Myth Busters Book Cover Front C UPDATED.

Mythbusters:  Lessons from Active Black Fathers dispels the notion that black fathers are not involved in their children’s lives. This book looks to inspire and motivate a new generation of fathers to own their roles as their children’s first source of motivation and encouragement.  Mythbusters:  Lessons from Active Black Fathers will help them to shape the next generation of accomplished young black men and women by emphasizing the traits and characteristics that are essential to rearing well-rounded black women and men.

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Marvin A. Banks Jr.
Latoya Baldwin
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In today's job market, people invest much of their time and effort in finding and securing the right professions. It's vitally important, as our work affects us deeply in our personal and professional lives. Our career choices impact us so greatly that it's necessary for us to look closely at how we choose our careers and our employers - by making wise decisions to improve our ability for securing lifelong employment that we are passionate about.

Written precisely for that purpose, this book helps you to:
•Discover the right role for YOU!
•Use efficient job search techniques to save time
•Create amazing first impressions that they'll remember
•Win over the interviewer with clarity and confidence
•Understand interview scoring, ratings and rankings and how to master them
•Negotiate the salary you WANT and DESERVE!

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L.L. Brown

The Douglas’ were a conservative Black family, “boujee” in every sense of the word. They enjoyed a prominent lifestyle in a world where most blacks were not as fortunate. Carletta was a beautiful stunning young girl and the apple of her father’s eye. Her future was destined for greatness and her mother would make sure of that, by any means necessary. Carletta had plans of her own, when she met Malcolm Thomas. When things got out of hand and Carletta got “in trouble”, her mother set into play a plan that would forever change their lives……in a most unexpected way. Oh what a wicked web we weave, when we practice to deceive.

sisters2 _edited.jpg

The Devereaux sisters are strong, independent women who run one of the most successful corn plantations in the South. Striving to ensure that the thriving legacy left by their parents continues, they run it with logic, compassion, and ambition to ensure that nothing compromises what their parents had built. However, with the middle sister wanting to do as little as possible with the family business and the youngest discovering other interests besides the family business, how will the oldest keep their parents' dream alive? Will these "interests" become a distraction and cause a rift between the sisters? How will the sisters handle their disagreements and become unified? Will their conflicts eventually be resolved? Or will they become the fuel for a proper family feud? And when another set of sisters is discovered, how will their family affect the Devereax's future? ...….. It's as clear as mud, secrets, and sisters.

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Walk With a T.H.U.G (Talented, Hardworking, Underrated, Gentleman) From Ferguson is a must read book of poems by Lorenzo Davis, Jr. who shares his transition from the streets to corporate America in hopes to inspire his elders and generations to come.

Lorenzo Davis, Jr.
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Marty McDonald

This book is a little reminder to every parent and NICU baby that you are not alone. The journey may be long, but perseverance is the key to get through this obstacle. As a mom that experienced having a baby rushed to the NICU before ever being able to hold after her delivery, I know there is a unique grief that you experience. You have to acknowledge the grief and the pain then focus on the lessons you will learn along the way. The NICU taught me so much about my baby and how to care for her and I'm grateful for the pain, the lessons and the tears and at the end of the day, I say Lord, I Thank You!

As a first time mom, it is important to me that Elle understands that representation matters. It is my job to share with Elle all of the possibilities that she can be in this world. Our first year of life allows me to show her all that she can be daily.

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Kemberley Portis

Kemberley began her career as a school Social Worker in 2004 and served her community for 12 years. Once she became a stay-at-home- mother, she realized that educating children was still a passion she needed to pursue. It was then she quickly discovered how much she adored J & J's curiosity in STEM. In an effort to encourage J & J’s curiosity, she began a Saturday ritual. Saturday mornings were officially dedicated to STEM projects. After seeing J & J's reactions and how much they were learning from their fun-filled Saturday projects, she thought for sure there are other kids who also have love for Science. Kemberley then decided to take note of J & J's science journey and share with others. Kemberley is most proud of this book’s relatable, realistic, and hands-on experiments that use materials every household has or can purchase at affordable prices. What a win win!

L'Tanya Parks

Born to Jump is an inspirational story shared to compel you to banish the fear of change and embrace the ability to "jump" to a new life with renewed energy and freedom, even while facing failures. It's all the motivation you will ever need to live your life purposefully, and confidently, knowing that even through life's storms, God always provides an umbrella. All you need to do is have the courage to take the first step.

Eydie Robinson

This book of inspirational messages by Eydie Robinson gives you exactly what you need. It is filled with powerful messages God has given her over the years which she is now ready to share with the world. With each inspirational message, you will find a scripture referenced and additional scriptures to help guide your thoughts.Whatever you need on any given day, you can rest assured that you will find a message in this book to help you conquer it! Allow the messages to do what they are designed for, to STRENGTHEN, HEAL, IGNITE, NOURISH, and EDIFY your soul!

Somersaults On Mattresses EBOOK COVER 2022 (1).png

Somersaults on Mattresses is a journey of a boy through adulthood who is observant and reflective of the environment he lives in. While there are grim moments that occur, he is able to see the love, joy, and genius that exists there as well. 

Wycla Bratton
Mags to Mittens ebook cover-corrected.jpg

Becoming rich doesn't have to do with money. You can be rich in toys, rich in happiness, rich in family, and most importantly, you can be rich in love. This is a story of how a little kitty became rich in all the stuff that mattered most.

Victoria Irene Wardrick
RLT pic.jpeg
Untitled design.png
Rowen Labuguen Turner

Unbecoming started as a journal where Rowen could capture her life's truths and the lessons she's discovered so far to pass them along to her children, their children, family and friends. Beyond that, she decided to publish this work with the hope that even more people can be helped to find clarity, peace and joy.
Unbecoming is one way Rowen helps the world change Life's question from "What am I getting?" to "Who am I Becoming?"

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